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The Legal Foundations for Bringing Evolutionists to Justice

The abridgement as published in Hispanic Vista

In my previous article of May 7th I set out to prove the unbelievable damage extant to our culture, to the point where insanity had become commonplace putting our whole world in danger. Slightly dramatized to make a sordid subject more palatable, you can find it in Past Issues of Hispanic Vista (They are missing for the moment) as “Was Fiction Real, or Was Panic Misplaced?”

Penal logic is a most powerful instrument of analysis. Its conclusions carry not only the power of law, but the drama of its penalties. It is not vain and dangerous discussion where someone can be told he is wrong, it is an arena where you can be told “you hang”! And, when corrupted, it’s the innocent who will be executed instead of the murderers… And from then on, anything can happen.

As if made to order, abortion legislation offered more proof of this than could be previously imagined. So, it was abortion legislation that I used for the proof of dementia. Of a nation, of a society going insane, of a world degraded and armed for its own holocaust!

I was denouncing a planetary time bomb, but nobody was paying much attention.

In the early sixties Taylor Caldwell published her stupendous biography of Cicero, the great roman patriot. She meant urgency by comparing what she saw as an ailing America to decadent Rome. A decadent empire will witness the shattering of its values, degradation of its morals, and social anarchy. A series of phenomena which tolerance will easily start but which finally will be impossible to control. Many civilizations have simply disintegrated. Toynbee gave many detailed examples, but no one ever painted a picture as dark as we now behold.

Commonplace insanity opens the way to the persecution of the sane. This is no figment of a deranged imagination. It was the nightmarish reality of communist Russia’s population where a political mistake could mean death, or put you in an insane asylum.

It is one thing to suffer Caligula putting his horse on the vice-presidency equivalent; and even for Nero to burn Rome; but having Federal Legislation invert the roles of victim and criminal for the death penalty, and to additionally invert legal sexual intercourse to impose sodomy as the basis for preferred citizenship as promoted since Clinton and Gore… That’s unspeakably worse! Hate Crime Laws prove to this new reality in 2007… In addition, the Maryland Board of Education supersedes parent’s rights establishing that only a positive view of homosexuality can be taught in classrooms. The Board said the "right (of parents) is not absolute. It must bend to the State's duty to educate its citizens." So, now it’s an insane asylum that claims your vote!

Caligula died before his horse even kicked anyone. Rome was rebuilt, and Christianity conquered her on the blood of her martyrs; but not a trace was left of Sodom and Gomorrah. Had God not destroyed them; had they been left to extend this vice, there would be no humanity. We wouldn’t be here. Such was, and is, the message from God! The Devil proposes the opposite from what is becoming his mountain of lies: Capitol Hill.

Yes, mountains of lies; for lies depend on even more and bigger lies, as the slightest truth can bring that ever crumbling structure down! And who will deny the fact that living in a crumbling building can be a death sentence? And when it is imposed on the buildings of nations? Let’s face the facts; we are all being forced into these structures! And we must all get out!


Getting to the roots of the problem is the foremost stage for understanding. In the May 7th issue I stated: The Book of Revelation has presented humanity with an exceptional character: The Beast. Our enquiry is therefore simple: we shall compare human reason with the Beast’s... And after the alarming results of analysis by criminal law offering incontestable evidence for beastly reasoning enacted as legislation and jurisprudence, I offer here the evidence of madness in the Counter-Science of “Evolution”.

Let’s analyze bogus science as the origin of the worst perils to our collective sanity, Darwin as candidate for The Beast of the Apocalypse, and Darwinism as the closest candidate for the origin of modern dementia:

Beastly Reasoning in Science

I. The beginning is half the whole, says an old adage, and you agree with this every time you refuse to enter a movie halfway through, or to begin reading a novel at the middle. But are we always so logical? Our instinct tells us that we cannot prescind from the information available at the beginning, or from reasoning in sequential steps. Cause and effect sequences have to be revised for us to keep a firm grip on our logical processes. Take the example: Why can't we find a man as large as a whale? The obvious answer: Because there is no couple hefty enough to beget one whale sized tells the whole story. This type of direct relationship between causes, as sufficient causes, to all possible effects is the most elementary means available to all to discard idiocy from theories. Or at least it should be! But it isn't! And no better proof can be obtained of this anomaly than the success of Charles Darwin and his subservient mental clones, and their successful invasion and conquest of the scientific establishment!

Using the same commonsense capable of reducing whale's size to baby sized, we can always be certain of the difference between the possible and the impossible. We know only too well that it is as easy to take less from more, as it is impossible to take more from the less. The Theory of Evolution, however, demands the opposite. And not as a single happenstance but as a natural law, and in an unending flow of new living species always better than their ancestors, leaving us undecided as to what to admire more if the unrestricted optimism or the sheer folly, for greater optimism had never been seen, and a more monumental stupidity has never been thought! If you like to dream every night of putting ten dollars into your pockets to awaken with the gross national product as the fruits thereof, believe me you're not beating Darwin's optimism, or his idiocy.

And no matter how you wish to put it, how you wish to embellish, adorn it or reinvent it, it boils down to just that!

There is always logic and you can’t beat it. If you empty a pocket or a purse in order to put in ten dollars, you can’t bring out eleven dollars without creating a dollar out of nothing! Impossible! If it’s a savings account paying a dollar interest you are still taking out less than was put in, for what was put in to generate that extra dollar was not only ten dollars, but also the bank, the bank’s activities, the market, risk and time. A lot more than your savings plus a dollar was put in! No way for Darwinian Mechanics on that basis to be right, but rather worse as bankruptcies often add in cruel remembrances. When all’s considered even Central Banking humbled lies…

If more from less were not, Evolution would be not. And the difference between input and output ―both qualitatively, and quantitatively― thus requires to be produced from nothing… Whence from nothing, nothing comes! An outright, sickening, mentally damaging fraud for those being led to accept it!


Yet, this scam has succeeded! It stands as the conquering hoax of the ‘Scientific Establishment’! Much damage is mentioned as the result of preaching or accepting Evolution. And it is easy to see where the damage is made, and which results can be further expected. We can recognize the most serious assault on human reason and an open imposition by political and financial power to impair thinking. Logical cause to effect is abolished, proportions loose all relevance, and unfounded optimism is presented as omnipotence. Everything good can be expected without effort or merit. Only rights and no duties rule for progress, and progress and blind optimism are one. The only needed force is sex, and singly exalted, responsibility for offspring can be better waylaid to natural selection. The laws of the jungle function optimally above human law. Bestiality can have no substitute in evolutionary thinking, if it got us here, evolutionists seem to say, why not only bestiality? Why not proclaim it king? The apocalyptic beast has been unleashed! And the extent to which it's been unleashed is almost unbelievable as stated in the case of abortion legislation!

As a notable scientist, Prof. Maciej Giertych of the Polish Academy of Sciences put it recently: A whole age of scientific endeavor was wasted looking for a phantom…Natural science failed to supply any evidence for Evolution… And we must add: A whole age of scientific endeavor has had an irretrievable cost to humanity that the gang is unable and unwilling to pay, but to the contrary, is still most willing to continue to impose and dictate, and will continue to do so until stopped.

Before entering the subject of the mechanism for outright fraud and the way it has been technically applied, let me state that without God science must crumble. Thus, God is the first prerequisite of science. Take Darwin: So Darwin had ideas! Did his ideas create all things? Or were ‘All Things’ he sought to structure, by some one else as structures made? The mechanism he sought to explain, who invented, created, and put to work such thing?

When you get down to Darwin, his crazy clones et al; you must depart from origins, to fantasize on mechanisms lacking a previous plan. For plans come from ideas, and whose idea was that? Must you be forced to believe in a mechanism unplanned? And deriving from no previous idea, and from no previous mind? No matter how you embellish it, or how you wish to prove it, it all boils down to that!

The elementary fact that science needs order, for order is what it seeks to find, and every one of its steps is judged by the way it adds to understanding order in the universe is something which can never be questioned by a healthy mind. And this is not a matter of faith, but of logic! On the contrary, madness can be quickly detected in those who stand to deny this! In our world, through “Evolution” the insane command the power structures as they did when to enforce party rules in Russia they sent dissenters to the madhouse or to the grave.

Unification of religion and science is a necessity for the wholesomeness of the individual orderly mind. Wholesomeness in the congruency it demands of itself in contrast to its breakdown in schizophrenic dementia. Thus, from the beginnings of history, pagans ascribed order beyond their control to different deities in different departments.

A god of war seemed necessarily different to a god of life ascribed to tame life-giving agriculture, and so on… But an adequate grasp of management in which they were outstanding demanded a supreme god to rule. It was however science defeating to have one god with power to change what another did. Such instability put science ―as such― beyond imagination, before imagination had reason to theorize and set up an experiment!

Even poetry lent a hand: To explain agriculture’s plights and the seasons, Caeres, the goddess of agriculture was given a daughter: Proserpina. And also a mad lover from Hell: Pluto, to sequester Proserpina every winter and thus explain, through the mother’s plight, her forgetfulness of her duties.

But faith was required in a single God of infinite wisdom to establish permanence in the universe; for setting up physical laws once and forever. This was ―and is― the key to the development of science. God had to be known as a beneficent God. His love meant He would never mislead us. His Wisdom was the necessary motivation to seek him through his permanent decrees. God was, and is, the only guarantee for, and to, the foundations of science.

For this reason science had to wait for Galileo to begin developing as such, and as God would have it, his name: “Galileo” was a milestone to remember Him, the Supreme Galilean: Christ, The Lord… Because the subject matter of science is His handiwork.

As we can see THERE CAN NEVER BE OPPOSITION BETWEEN TRUE SCIENCE AND TRUE RELIGION! But a fake science is needed by a false religion!

All that has been said to the contrary is a scam, part of the general hoax being imposed.

And what they call Evolution is the revolutionary tool to impose an ever widening set of dementia, a ridiculous mental construct to impose artificial opposition capable of setting truth against itself. The abject ram for the incessant hammering-in of dementia!

The greater minds from Greece and Rome built the foundations of our culture, and these great minds were more self preserving, and with better instinct persecuted atheists as demolishers of order. They were aware that too many gods building and destroying were the equivalent of no god at all: anarchy! Scientific, social and moral order was paramount from beginning to end for progress and survival. A recent book by Thomas E. Woods “How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” published by Regnery can be of great help to salvage both, science and culture from the parroting of modern dementia through the mass-media.

II. THE MECHANICS OF FRAUD: "What Mr. Darwin seems to have forgotten—he was immediately told—is that we, the English, are a nation of breeders of horses and dogs —and of such competence in the field as nobody has yet dared to question— despite our competence we have never yet seen a horse become more than a horse, or a dog become more than a dog".—The English press was denying transformism which Darwin had sneaked in as evolution!

The trick is simple, and it was dictated from the beginning by the very objection set: Transformism had the ready answer it got. The press was telling Darwin who the idiot was. Not they, the English, who for centuries had applied the best of their abilities to breeding without a single transformation occurring. Intelligence applied for centuries has an infinitely better chance than random mutations. Further, penicillin applied since 1945 giga, and even tera times to uncountable patients has led to adaptive mutations and much stronger resistance to antibiotics, but germs are still germs! The English breeders and their press were as right then as is empirically proved now! So the only trick remaining WAS TO MISSNAME THE IDEA! To transfer impossible Transformism to the obviously accepted as most reasonable “evolution” of which millions of truthful examples can be given. We all evolved from a zygote, but no monkey could have evolved into a man, it would have had TO TRANSFORM ITSELF into a man!

One step, a million steps, giga steps or tera steps add nothing to the possibilities. RATHER LESS, as from the very first step gaining manliness from apeness implies a quality gain from nothingness; unless manliness could be shown to be present in apeness. For greater clarity: The more steps you pretend were necessary, the more you have to presume steadfast direction as can only be justified by more manliness than apeness being present in apes to begin with!

So, the key to this scam has been to adopt the self sustaining concept of “evolution”, the existence of which is universally proved IN OTHER AREAS to hide the grotesque absurdity of Transformism for which no proof can be given!

Under "transformism" it had little chance if any to begin with! Obviously, therefore, it is the term “TRANSFORMISM” which has to be placed on trial, NOT “Evolution”!

Here the hoax is laid bare: In the very same way proof of evolution is universal, and you begin looking like a crackpot for denying it; proof for Transformism is non-existing and you should be taken for a crackpot for accepting it, as no proof of such thing has ever been found! The word “crackpot” can be transferred from one group to the opposite one depending on whether “evolution” is correctly or fraudulently applied. As is obvious, the word “transformism” is anathema to evolutionists. They are “allergic to death” of it.

So, what about concepts like natural selection?

But of course there is a natural selection! Of course there is a survival of the fittest! But there's no place for Darwin in this picture! When a cheetah attacks a Thompson gazelle at close to sixty miles an hour, and the lighter gazelle responds accelerating to close to fifty miles per hour, artfully dodging the heavier predator, and getting away many times, they are acting out these very principles; but in a way barely sufficient to keep in shape as any jogger knows only too well. Neither will the jogger find himself either suddenly— or eonly in far away descendants in long traditional practice— flying blue-streak away from kryptonite, nor will the cheetah acquire its wings! There is, and this must be emphasized, an enormous difference between true science always capable of proof and better sense, and the falsifiers of true science building tall-tales, and by rattling a few old fossil bones manage to devastate the human mind.

THE SECOND STEP FOR THE SCAM was the invention of what they call ID, “Intelligent Design” to reinforce through “opposition” Transformism disguised as Evolution. This is a common strategy, well established since innocent Prolifers were accommodated as extras in the play to bear the brunt before the eyes of incredulous citizens hearing of women’s rights to abort for the first time; and to be, from then on, the official opposition. And of course they turned out to be the most inept opposition on historical records. They were the necessary supernumeraries of the play to keep penal law; ―which should have been immediately applied against the culprits of genocide FOR PROMOTING abortion― out of sight on a permanent basis!

In other words, in the same way a weight-lifter needs weights to develop his muscles; these scams require opposition even to place them with a sense of reality in people’s minds. This is something that Huxley realized from the beginning. The more you debate an idiocy, the more it acquires a mental reality! Grounded and fuelled ONLY by debate to acquire its evil existence, debate becomes foremost to the delight of the mass-media. Negative publicity to drugs is the way drugs are peddled. Negative publicity has been worth billions of dollars in advertising for drugs, vice, and political causes which deserved none.

Since 15 centuries ago history has witnessed the "War of the Books": 1) The Christian Bible; 2) The Jewish Talmud; 3) The Muslim Koran.
From the Jewish Talmud:
Yebamoth 63a. The R. Stands for Rabbi:
R. Eleazar further stated: What is meant by the Scriptural text, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh? This teaches that Adam had intercourse with every beast and animal but found no satisfaction until he cohabited with Eve.

Yebamoth 98a. Holds that all gentile children are animals
This is formal evidence of a racist ploy of which the other two books are free.
I have found no racism either in the New Testament, or in the Koran, which are, therefore, formally clean of Darwinism.
I repeat: The Koran is also FUNDAMENTALLY clean of Darwinism.

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